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After a preparation period of almost one and a half years, our first certification audit according to OHSAS 18001 took place last week.

The certified management system for occupational health and safety OHSAS 18001 comprises a complete set of management specifications. We have identified and analysed any potential dangers and have assessed the risks related to them. On this basis, we have formulated objectives and programmes in order to continuously improve and optimize the occupational health and safety of our employees.

OHSAS 18001 is the best-known management system for occupational health and safety and is accepted in more than 80 countries all over the world. This certification shows that the occupational health and safety of our employees is a matter of high priority for our enterprise.

Additional advantages:
• We increase the safety awareness and motivation of our employees;
• We ensure the legal requirements and official regulations regarding occupational health and safety are met;
• We prevent accidents;
• We avoid downtimes and production stoppages;
• We can reduce insurance costs;
• We strengthen our good reputation as a safe and reliable enterprise with customers, suppliers, and public authorities.


Special design container made for maritime offshore use as per DNV rule „DNV 2.7-3“ (STANDARD FOR CERTIFICATION No. 2.7-3 - PORTABLE OFFSHORE UNITS) designed, approved by DNV, tested and built by Lindenberg-Anlagen.



Newly developed LIAG product line of rectangular high-performance silencers


Newly developed LIAG product line of cooling water expansion tanks


Press report: Fischerblatt, issue 03-2013


Fishing cutter “Rungholt” equipped with first John Deere marine engine in Germany

The very first John Deere drive unit for a fishing cutter in Germany was installed into the SD 21 “Rungholt”. In the fisheries sector outside Germany, John Deere marine engines are very present in numerous places. The engine of type 6135AM75 features the specified power output of 221 kW at a maximum speed of 1,800 rpm, is low-emission certified, has a cubic capacity of 13.5 litres and a bore/stroke ratio of 132/165 mm. It provides full torque at 1,250 rpm. In shrimp fishery, this type of engine is known as 6125M2. 
The marine engines are distributed by the company Lindenberg Anlagenbau GmbH. Spare parts can be procured at a favourable price since they are available at every John Deere agricultural and construction machinery dealer.
The trial trip took place on March 15th, 2013 and proved to be very successful. In this context, the astonishingly low noise level of such a big drive unit must not be left unmentioned. The engine was installed by the company Marscheider Maschinenbau at Büsum. We wish the Rungholt with its captain Maik Paulsen a long and successful service life with its new drive unit.
You can find more information in the Internet under 
or on the website of Lindenberg Anlagenbau GmbH:


Dual fuel gen set with heat extraction in LIAG machine housing, fully developed

Engine manufacturer: Mitsubishi
Dual Fuel Gen Set Output: 930 KW / 1170 KVA / cos phi 0,8
Speed: 1500 rpm
Heat extraction: 1131 KW
Temperature level: 75 °C - 97 °C
Present installation: South Africa / Installation height 1500m / Convention Center Kigali


Our newly developed lubricating oil level control system is available from now on

Download of prospectus: CLICK HERE

March 2013

Lindenberg Anlagen GmbH receives an order for the delivery and initial start-up of five heavy-duty Diesel power stations of 3 MW each for a bauxite mine in Saudi Arabia. The engines featuring a speed of 720 rpm are designed to operate continuously at 50°C and under sandstorm conditions. Here, 16DZC medium speed engines of the manufacturer ABC AngloBelgian Corporation particularly suitable for continuous operation in African desert regions are used.
In addition, each of the stations comes with three small power units of 100 kW for continuous operation equipped with John Deere engines.

October 2012

Lindenberg Anlagen GmbH is entrusted with the delivery and initial start-up of three heavy duty dual fuel generating sets of 2.2 MW each for a hydro-engineering project water in Algeria. The engines with a rotational speed of 1,000 rpm are designed to operate continuously at 50°C and under sandstorm conditions.
The gen sets run do not only run on pure Diesel fuel, but also on gas, with the share of gas being increased to 90%.

March 2012

Lindenberg Anlagen GmbH receives a follow-up order for the delivery of further 40 Diesel gen sets of 600 kVA each for the Egyptian railway. Based on MAN engines of type D2842LE211, the sets secure the continuous power supply for the air-conditioning and illumination systems of long-distance trains travelling between Alexandria and Assuan. Having already delivered the first 40 units one year before, Lindenberg is proud to obtain this follow-up order as a testimony of quality and reliability of its products and of the customers‘ trust in smooth co-operation.

December 2010

Lindenberg Anlagen GmbH is commissioned with the delivery and initial start-up of three 1.5 MW-direct drives of crude oil pumps to be use with pipeline operation in Irak. As the pump drives are installed within explosion-proof zone II, special requirements have to be taken into account when ordering the required components. The pumps are driven by Diesel engines of type 8DZC of ABC AngloBelgium Corporation in 24-hour continuous operation with variable speeds depending on the pressure requirements. After the delivery and initial start-up of eight similar systems for Sudan, Lindenberg is once again in a position to demonstrate the reliability of its products as well as the detailled complying with the considerable technical requirements regarding such aggregates.

July 2010

Lindenberg Anlagen GmbH receives an order for the delivery and initial start-up of two groups of three self-contained Diesel units of 3 MVA each for a gas turbine power station in Oman. The Diesel units are designed for operation in desert areas at 55°C and under sandstorm conditions. Three containerized installations each run in parallel to one another and provide the total electrical output of 9,000 kVA for the starting of the turbines. With this order, the latest version of the MTU Diesel engine of type 20V4000G63 with six turbo-chargers each was employed. Here, a load application of 90% can be obtained.


Cogeneration is based on the principle of simultaneous generation of electricity and thermal energy. The decentralised installation generates and...

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